Privacy policy

Account Security: Your user data, *password, BitCoin Wallet and payment processors email will never be revealed. * Only you know your password, none of us administrators, moderators or employees can see your password because it will be saved with an advanced encryption in our database!

Information Collected: After registering at ADSurv, we store all the information entered by the user, such as IP address, browser information and date / time of the moment of registration.

What we save on your computer: Each time you access your account, a basic cookie ID will be saved to your browser and used as a virtual ID card on account pages. The cookie is removed each time you sign out of your account.

Policy with third parties: We are not responsible for privacy acts of the sites advertised through banners, and text links on ADSurv.

Pop-Under / Pop-Up: As a free member (Standard) every day once every 12 hours a pop-under will appear on your browser to help us maintain our site with a large volume of money so as not to delay any payment at any time! Our Pop-Unders / Pop-Ups do not contain any inappropriate or adult content!

Our Pop-Under / Pop-Up are not malicious and do not harm your computer or expose your personal data in any way! This helps us to maintain a positive balance to avoid excessive delays in ADSurv!

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